Hair Treatment Alternatives: Can Cloning Save Your Hair?

Is hair cloning the next big thing in man’s eternal quest to keep his head covered with hair? A leading hair specialist thinks so.

Tulane University’s Dr. Nicole Rogers says cloning would be a wonderful complement to hair transplantation procedures. She says in the Modern Medicine: “It would be great if we could harvest a single hair from the back (of the head) and create thousands of copycat hairs from that. There is significant research ongoing in that area, but we are not there yet. It’s still going to be a while before it is ready for Food and Drug Administration approval.”

Meanwhile, other researchers believe that even if cloning will be totally developed, they will still be facing challenges in controlling the caliber and angle of hair growth. They say they should also investigate if cloning will not trigger any skin cancer.

As of the meantime, Dr. Rogers in New Orleans prescribe doxycyline or intralesional steroid to patients with central centrifigual alopecia (CCCA). For males, she says doctors can use medical therapy called finasteride.

Dr. Rogers says she prescribes medical therapy to 6-16 months to younger male patients before evaluating them for hair transplantation. She names Neo Graft transplant machine, a latest device in extracting follicular units, will help the doctor in this task.

Dr. Rogers makes clear that factors are also being considered when undergoing hair transplantation such as donor density. She says individual without good donor density is likely to be less-than-ideal candidate for hair transplantation.

Dr. Rogers says medication is a good option to those who are suffering from hair loss because hair loss is never predicted.

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