Does Vitamin Water Prevent Flu?

Does Vitamin Water Prevent Flu? Don’t you just hate it when companies like Coca-Cola make unproven health benefits about their products? There’s no question to me as a consumer that the above “Flu Shots Are So Last Year” advert for Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water is blatantly stating that Vitamin Water can replace flu shots.

People who drink Vitamin Water don’t need no flu shots? What a big bag of B.S.!

We are glad the National Consumer League has filed a complaint against this nonsense of a claim to the Federal Trade Commission.

Coca-Cola will obviously try to wiggle out of the hole it found itself in by raising the “We’re Just Being Humorous Defense”. It would be bad day indeed if the FTC buys such defense and allows Coca-Cola to go scot-free without some costly spanking.

Anyhoo, check out this ABC video which focused on Vitamin Water’s deceptive advertising. As to whether Vitamin Water can prevent the flu, the answer is “No”.

vitamin water prevent flu

If you want to avoid the flu, you should eat healthy food and get yourself a flu shot. A bottle of Vitamin Water which is packed with eight teaspoons or 30 grams of sugar (thank you Dr. Richard Besser), is the last thing you need if you want to stay healthy.

Flu Vaccines Reduce Heart Attack Risks?
24 September 2010

Seasonal influenza vaccines do not just protect the body from flu but also help reduce the possibility of having heart attack, a study by the University of Lincoln in England found.

People, 40 years old and up, who received vaccinations showed a 20% reduction of heart attack rates within a year, the researchers reported on the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Moreover, the reduction in attacks was 21% for those who got flu shots from September to mid-November during the early part of the flu season.

Respiratory infections have been shown to trigger heart attacks. One theory states that the infection causes plaque build-up in the arteries triggering blood clots.

Heart attacks are more likely to occur in winter months when flu spreads and pneumonia rates are highest.

In the U.S., vaccinations are recommended for everyone over six months of age. According to the Atlanta-based US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults with chronic health conditions and those at risk of heart attacks are especially encouraged to get vaccinated.

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