Celebrities With Lupus: Seal, Nick Cannon, Toni Braxton, Lady Gaga

Celebrities With Lupus: Seal, Nick Cannon, Toni Braxton, Lady Gaga. Today in celebrity health, we bring you Lady Gaga and her “borderline positive” lupus.

From abc.com:

Gaga revealed to King that she tested “borderline positive” for lupus , the connective-tissue disease. A few weeks ago, she had told the Times of London that despite occasional “heart palpitations and … things,” she was perfectly fine.

“Lupus is in my family and it is genetic,” Gaga said. Her aunt died of lupus in 1976. “The truth is, I don’t show any signs, any symptoms of lupus. But I have tested borderline positive for the disease. So, as of right now, I do not have it, but I have to take good care of myself.”

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Does Vitamin Water Prevent Flu?

Does Vitamin Water Prevent Flu? Don’t you just hate it when companies like Coca-Cola make unproven health benefits about their products? There’s no question to me as a consumer that the above “Flu Shots Are So Last Year” advert for Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water is blatantly stating that Vitamin Water can replace flu shots.

People who drink Vitamin Water don’t need no flu shots? What a big bag of B.S.!

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Celebrities With Testicular Cancer

Celebrities With Testicular Cancer. Probably the most famous and the most vocal celebrity diagnosed with testicular cancer is champion cyclist Lance Armstrong. He appears to have successfully fought off his cancerous cells even though, as we noted in an earlier post, his cancer spread to his lungs and brain.

Armstrong is quite active in spreading the word about testicular cancer and, we think, is able to provide hope to those who are confronting the same problem he faces.

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Celebrities With Sjogrens Syndrome: Venus Williams, Nina Rawls, Shannon Boxx

Celebrities With Sjogrens Syndrome: Venus Williams, Nina Rawls, Shannon Boxx. What is Sjogren’s Syndrome? How common is it? What are the clues that a person may have this condition? And who of our favorite famous people are living with the condition?

According to the NHS website (nhs.uk), Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disorder whereby a person’s immune system, instead of protecting the body from illness or infection, attacks said person’s glands that secrete fluid, such as the tear and saliva. This reduces “the production of tears and saliva, causing the main symptoms of Sjögren’s syndrome, which are dry eyes and dry mouth”.

Sjogren’s syndrome is the third most common rheumatic autoimmune disorder behind only rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and systemic lupus erythematosus according to wikipedia. There is no definitive data on its prevalence but some reports state that the condition affects up to 3% of the population. According to the Sjogren Syndrome Foundation, as many as 4 million Americans are living with this disease.

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Celebrities With Huntingtons Disease

Celebrities With Huntingtons Disease. What is Huntington’s Disease? Named after American physician George Huntington, who was the first to describe the condition, Huntington’s disease is an inheritable neurological disorder which affects movement, cognition (perception, awareness, thinking, judgement), and behavior and which gets progressively worse over time.

Symptoms of the disease most often manifests between the ages 35 to 55 years old. Nonetheless, features of the disease can also show from as early as infancy to the late stages of a person’s life.

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