Anti-Cancer Tips: Can Exercise Help You Beat Cancer?

We all know that exercise is good for keeping your heart healthy, right? Now, some doctors are now saying that exercise can also be an anti-cancer cure. Read on…

When you go to your doctor, what is the most frequent word that he tells you? Isn’t it, it is the word “exercise”? It is still the most recommended activity to all patients in a wide range of disease.

Exercise may be a body stressor to some. Some use it as past time and to enjoy the morning breeze. Actually, it is a healthy option to do as doctors recommend exercise to people who may be sick of any cancer, autoimmune disorder, Parkinson’s disease, alcoholism and other diseases.

Initial studies show also that consistency in working out can help with everything from autoimmune disorders, PD to alcoholism.

Meanwhile, the new national cancer guidelines urge both cancer patients and cancer survivors exercise before and after treatments. Doctors even advise them to exercise for 150 minutes per week.

Cardiac patients are also recommended to excise. To breast cancer patients, they are advised to limit the weight of what they are using in exercising so that they will not to end in painful swelling of the arms called lymphedema.

Its opposite can be resting too much which doctors do not recommend. Resting too much keeps the body inactive and this is not good to the health. This, the bottom line in exercising is to keep the body active in its normal capacity as not to trigger more illnesses.

So when your doctor asks if you are jogging miles every day or going to the gym every evening, you know what he means. He wants you to be healthier.

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