Buffalo Stem Cell Research to Reduce Stem Cell Therapy Costs?

Buffalo Stem Cell Research to Reduce Stem Cell Therapy Costs? A new stem cell that can continually grow and multiply without aging can help reduce the cost of stem cell therapy, scientists from the University of Buffalo say.

“MSC Universal” stem cells can be grown continuously in laboratories and can be used to treat heart diseases, diabetes, immune disorders and neurodegenerative conditions, scientists behind the discovery say.

MSC Universal is discovered by altering the genetics of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow. The scientists say messenchymal stem cells live in a short span of time but its lifespan is extended when its genetics is altered.

The genetically altered stem cells work like normal mesynchymal stem cells, scientists say. Scientists add no tumour formation was seen during animal trials.

Cellular Therapy Integrated Services disease team leader Dr. Hilliard M. Lazarus says this is an advance because it gives people an opportunity to get more cells and save money.

Dr. Lazarus adds the finding helps stem cells continue to produce other cells that are useful treatments for illnesses.

However, the scientists admit the process of altering the genetics of the cells is time consuming, pricey and unreliable. They say cell samples taken from donors can also act differently. Moreover, the use of MSC Universal varies differently in individuals.

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