Hair Treatment Alternatives: Can Cloning Save Your Hair?

Is hair cloning the next big thing in man’s eternal quest to keep his head covered with hair? A leading hair specialist thinks so. Tulane University’s Dr. Nicole Rogers says cloning would be a wonderful complement to hair transplantation procedures. She says in the Modern Medicine: “It would be great if we could harvest a … Read more

Botox Can Cure Baldness? Dr. Simon Ourian Says “Yes!”

Botox Can Cure Baldness? Dr. Simon Ourian Says “Yes!”. A cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California was surprised when, after treating his bald mother’s migraines with Botox, her hair appears to have grown back. After the discovery, Dr. Simon Ourian injected Botox with a mixture of vitamins on volunteers for three years and found … Read more

Botox For Hair: Is Intra-Cylane L’Oreal Good or Bad?

Botox For Hair: Is Intra-Cylane L’Oreal Good or Bad? Want another hair-care story? Well, did you read our story on whether Rogaine or Minoxidil is effective? Anyhoo, here’s a new hair-care product from L’Oreal being marketed as a “botox for hair”. It’s supposed to smooth away your hair split-ends and repairs the damage you’ve done … Read more

Nanopeptide Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment: Effective or Scam?

Ever heard of nanopeptide mesotherapy? Is it really effective in helping you grow some hair and thus preventing baldness? Is it as good as promised/advertised or is it a scam designed to make you open your wallet? We’re told its an expensive procedure too. The treatment reportedly costs US$550/£350 per session. Hair regrowth requires a … Read more

Natural-Looking Hair Transplant With Leg Hair?

Natural-Looking Hair Transplant With Leg Hair? If you’re a man who’s lost all your hair but would give anything to get them back, here’s good news for you. You may know that traditional hair restoration surgery — which works by transplanting hair follicles from the back of the head to the front — wouldn’t work … Read more

Artas System Robotic Hair Restoration: Good or Bad? Effective or Not?

New, state-of-the-art robot developed to help solve hair loss. Are you bothered about your baldness? If you find yourself getting more and more ‘follically challenged’ as you grow older and are now concerned about hair loss, take heart. First, you’re not alone. Second, there’s help out there for you. About one in four men suffer … Read more