Stem Cell Medical Tourism Risks: Safety Concerns Raised by Brits

Stem Cell Tourism Risks: Safety Concerns Raised by Brits. Now that stem cell treatment is fastly becoming a part of the medical tourism industry, some British experts and the International Society for Stem Cell Research are warning would-be patients to be wary of rogue private stem cell treatment clinics around the world who are out … Read more

Stem Cell Face Lifts: Good or Bad? Effective or Not?

Stem Cell Face Lifts: Good or Bad? Effective or Not? Although there is no sufficient scientific evidence to prove that stem cell facelifts are effective, a growing number of people are getting this done to improve their looks. There is no doubt that stem cell face-lift is becoming more popular and that the demand for … Read more

Stem Cells Effective in Breast Reconstruction?

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have found that stem cells derived from fat are safe to use in breast reconstruction. However, this will only work if the patient has no active cancer cells. For the study, reports that the researchers isolated ADSC (adipose, or fat, tissue) from normal fat “and … Read more

Cord Blood Banking Benefits

Cord Blood Banking Benefits. What are the advantages of cord blood banking? Our friend Thomas raised this question after he read the post on the cord blood banking of Australian Stem Cell Healthcare. We told him that cord blood would be useful in fighting diseases that a child might have in the future but Thomas … Read more

Stem Cell Therapy for Deafness?

Stem Cell Therapy for Deafness? So stem cell therapy may be able to cure Crohn’s disease and blindness, but can it treat hearing loss too? Stefan Heller, professor of otolaryngology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and his team believe that it can. However, it will take the researchers a couple of years to … Read more

How to Stop Leukemia from Returning? Block β-catenin Pathway

Target stem cells to prevent leukemia’s return, Harvard scientists say. Usually, stem cells are seen as the “good guys,” and today, research into their regenerative properties is at an all time high. As the “building blocks” of the body that can go on to develop into blood, bone, brain and body organ tissues — they … Read more