Natazia Side Effects: Weight Gain, Migraine, Nausea

Natazia Side Effects: Weight Gain, Migraine, Nausea. What are the side effects, if any, of Bayer’s new birth control pill Natazia which was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

Most Common Natazia Side Effects. Here’s what the company’s press release is saying about Natazia’s negative side effects:

“The most common treatment-emergent adverse reactions (greater than or equal to 2%) were headache (including migraines) (13.2%), metrorrhagia and irregular menstruation (8.0%), breast pain, discomfort or tenderness (6.6%), nausea or vomiting (6.5%), acne (3.9%), and increased weight (2.8%).”

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Nexplanon vs Implanon: Which is Better – Differences and Similarities

Nexplanon vs Implanon: Which is Better – Differences and Similarities. Our friend Pam wants an effective method of birth control. She says she’s undecided between either Nexplanon or Implanon because she isn’t sure about which one is better.

Turns out she is not the only one “debating” the choice as can be seen in the following questions we came across the internets.

From Yahoo! Answers: “Nexplanon VS Implanon birth control? So im considering getting one of the 2, but ive heard terrible side affects with implanon and havent heard much about nexplanon(im guessing b/c its new?) So my question(s) are: How was/is implanon for you, side affects? How was/is nexplanon for you, side affects?”

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Natazia Hair Loss, Patient Usage Guide, and Precautions & Warnings

Natazia Hair Loss, Patient Usage Guide, and Precautions & Warnings. Our little sister, well she’s no longer little as she’s 5’8″ and is now 26 years old, decided to use Natazia birth control pills last year. It was all hunky dory until she noticed some loss of hair.

Hair loss is not listed as a side effect of Natazia in our earlier post — see Natazia Side Effects — but it is apparently one of its less common side effects according to

Have any of you experienced hair loss [or in other instances hair growth] when you are/were taking Natazia?

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Celebrities Who Had Fertility Treatments

After three years of trying to conceive with no success, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have decided to go the fertility treatment route. According to news reports, Khloe started with her treatments at a Los Angeles clinic. Khloe and Lamar are just one of the latest celebrity couples who decided to seek treatment in order to have a kid. Here are others:

Courteney Cox and David Arquette. David and Courteney deserves a lot of props for being one of the first celebrity couples to talk about about their fertility problem and how they are trying artificial ways to get pregnant. In “coming out”, they gave a human face to a problem that not a few couples have to face. Courteney eventually conceived through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and gave birth to daughter, Coco. David and Courteney, unfortunately, are no longer a couple as they filed for divorce recently.

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Health Risks of Child or Teenage Pregnancy

Health Risks of Child or Teenage Pregnancy. A 10-year-old tribal girl from Colombia gave birth on April 6 to her five-pound daughter by Cesarean section, sparking global outrage for becoming one of the youngest mothers in recorded history.

The unnamed girl, a member of the indigenous Wayuu tribe whose homeland is in northern Columbia’s La Guajira Peninsula, arrived at the hospital crying and in pain. She was 39 weeks pregnant when she underwent a C-section, Univision’s Primer Impacto reported. Most pregnancies are 38 weeks.

The baby was otherwise healthy, despite the fact that the new mom reportedly refused to breastfeed her newborn. The child-mom was also doing fine — even if the first time she saw a doctor during her pregnancy was on the day she gave birth. The pair had to be confined for a few days at the neo-natal unit of an undisclosed Columbia hospital.

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Fat Food Causes Poor Unhealthy Sperm?

Fatty foods linked to poor sperm quality. Over the past 60 years, average sperm counts in Western countries have fallen by more than half — outlining what appears to be a declining trend in both the quantity and quality of sperm in the average post World War II man.

The lower sperm quality and quantity affects fertility. According to fertility experts, around one-third of the men in couples seeking in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment — or the fertilization of the egg by sperm outside the body — are “sub-fertile” men and only two percent are “totally” infertile.

But a host of factors impairs male fertility: biological abnormalities, environmental factors, smoking, drug use, alcohol intake and excessive heat.

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