Health Risks of Child or Teenage Pregnancy

Health Risks of Child or Teenage Pregnancy. A 10-year-old tribal girl from Colombia gave birth on April 6 to her five-pound daughter by Cesarean section, sparking global outrage for becoming one of the youngest mothers in recorded history.

The unnamed girl, a member of the indigenous Wayuu tribe whose homeland is in northern Columbia’s La Guajira Peninsula, arrived at the hospital crying and in pain. She was 39 weeks pregnant when she underwent a C-section, Univision’s Primer Impacto reported. Most pregnancies are 38 weeks.

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Fat Food Causes Poor Unhealthy Sperm?

Fatty foods linked to poor sperm quality. Over the past 60 years, average sperm counts in Western countries have fallen by more than half — outlining what appears to be a declining trend in both the quantity and quality of sperm in the average post World War II man.

The lower sperm quality and quantity affects fertility. According to fertility experts, around one-third of the men in couples seeking in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment — or the fertilization of the egg by sperm outside the body — are “sub-fertile” men and only two percent are “totally” infertile.

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Healthy Sperm Cells: Omega 3 Good, Saturated Fat Bad

Healthy Sperm Cells: Omega 3 Good, Saturated Fat Bad. In an earlier post, we mentioned a study which concludes that you can increase your sperm count by sunning yourself. Now here’s another study which suggests that avoiding food with saturated fat and consuming fish products rich in Omega 3 will likely result in healthier sperm cells.

Check out the story below.

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