Celebrities With Crohn’s Disease: 2015 List

Here’s a list of famous people or celebrities with Crohn’s disease. Check out what they are saying about how they were diagnosed, how they are living with the disease, and their hopes and plans for the future.

Sam Faiers, British celebrity (via Cosmopolitan Magazine): It sounds crazy to hear myself say this, but I absolutely embrace my Crohn’s disease. It has caused me agonising pain, made me cry, stopped me from eating, drinking and clubbing, and it has slimmed down my once curvy body. But it has also changed my life and it’s changed me. It’s been a rough journey, and it is most definitely not over, but now I can see that a lot of the changes are good.

(via express.co.uk): Since I have started speaking about it a lot of young girls have had tests and some of them have discovered they have Crohn’s and have caught it before a flare-up.

That is so important. If you can keep it at bay you can keep it under control. And you know what they say: ‘If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger’.

Shannen Doherty, American actress (from more.com): Save for a 1999 interview in Star magazine, Shannen Doherty hasn’t been very vocal about her battle with Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disorder that can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea and even malnutrition. She reportedly told the magazine, “It can kind of mess with you. There’s nothing sexy about women saying: ‘I’ve got to go to the bathroom right now.’”

Dennis Kucinich, former U.S. Congressman. The ex-Congressman from Ohio mentioned his struggle with Crohn’s disease when he threw his support behind Obamacare.

celebrities with crohns disease - dennis kucinich

From commondreams.org:

I struggled with Crohn’s disease much of my adult life, to discover sixteen years ago a near-cure in alternative medicine and following a plant-based diet. I have learned with difficulty the benefits of taking charge personally of my own health care. On those few occasions when I have needed it, I have had access to the best allopathic practitioners. As a result I have received the blessings of vitality and high energy.

Congressman Kucinich is reportedly following a vegetarian diet as a way to control his condition.

Matt Light, former American football star (via usnews.com): I was officially diagnosed in 2001, but I had started experiencing a lot of the symptoms during my freshman year in college. At the time, I didn’t connect it with being anything more than the flu or a stomach virus. I just wasn’t up to speed with issues like Crohn’s disease, or any other type of bowel disease. By the time I got to the NFL as a rookie, I just knew something wasn’t right. I was experiencing internal bleeding—it’s very difficult to talk about, kind of embarrassing, but this is what happens. I started asking a lot of questions, got a full exam, and the doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital told me I was suffering from Crohn’s disease.

celebrities with crohns disease - matt light

It was very difficult, but I had really good doctors and a really good support team. You’re not the only one who goes through this—it’s all the people around you, and you rely on them. When you have a family, you have to be healthy for them. I remember my wife coming into the hospital and showing me my Super Bowl ring for the first time. It’s pretty wild to think you can get through all that and still get back out there and win another championship.

I had mixed emotions about going public, because I hadn’t said anything throughout my entire battle. I was worried some people were going to be upset that I had kept it hidden. But I didn’t want people to say, “Well, he had a bad game because he’s battling this tough disease.” At the time, my battle was my battle, and I wasn’t willing to talk about it. The truth is, it’s not easy to talk about, but if somebody else can learn something by me coming out and telling my story—and they can say, there’s a guy who’s doing great, and he got through some really tough times—then I’m just thankful to have the opportunity to be that voice.

Yoon Jong-shin, Korean singer. koreajoongangdaily.com reports on Yoon’s revelation that he is living with Crohn’s disease:

Singer and TV personality Yoon Jong-shin revealed that he is suffering from Crohn’s disease during an interview on SBS’ “Healing Camp” that aired Monday. Yoon, who appeared on the show with his wife, said, “In most cases, the disease is not fatal, but it is quite dangerous,” adding that there is no cure at the moment.

The singer said he underwent surgery in January 2006, when he began dating his wife, because the disease caused his intestines to narrow. He said he told her about the disease and she accepted him into her life regardless.

Joe Thomas, Welsh distance runner. The Welsh runner found out in 2014 that he is living with Crohn’s disease. Athletics Weekly quotes the athlete as saying: “I found out this week that I’ve had an underlying stomach condition for about the last four years so the injuries could have been linked to that.

famous people with crohns disease - joe thomas

“I only had the examination done on Wednesday and it came back indicating colitis and Crohn’s disease. I’m still waiting on the results of some biopsies, but that might shed some light into why I’ve picked up quite a few injuries as well because it can be linked. I’m going to get some medication for it which should alleviate a lot of problems straight away.”

According to wikipedia, other famous people with Crohn’s disease include the following:

Albert, Prince Consort, (Husband of Queen Victoria), Alfred the Great (King of the Anglo-Saxons), Anastacia (American pop singer), Juliet Anderson (American p*rn*graphic actress), Ken Baumann (American actor, writer, publisher), Lili Boulanger (French composer), Jeffrey Brown (American comic book artist), Pierre Carette (Former leader of the Belgian extreme-left militant group CCC), Ali Carter (English snooker player), Claire Chitham (New Zealand actress), Chris Conley (Lead singer for band Saves The Day), Lew DeWitt (American country singer), Kevin Dineen (former professional ice hockey player), Dynamo (English magician), Dwight D. Eisenhower (former U.S. President), Theoren Fleury (pro ice hockey player), Tommie Frazier (former Nebraska quarterback), David Garrard (American football player), Carrie Grant (British celebrity vocal coach), Jim Hickey (New Zealand weather broadcaster), Nicky Hopkins (English pianist), Jeff Hordley (English actor), Ellen Idelson (actress), Derrick Jensen American author), Jon Landau (rock critic), Louis XIII (King of France), Jeremy Mansfield (South African radio host), Mike McCready (lead guitarist for band Pearl Jam), Thomas Menino (former mayor of Boston), Felicia Michaels (American comedian), Mark Millar (Scottish comic book writer), Mary Ann Mobley (Miss America 1959), Rhys Morgan (Welsh sceptic), James Morrison (English golfer), Gerald Nash (Irish politician), Ogden Nash (American poet), Dan O’Bannon (American screenwriter), Beth Orton (English singer), Daryl Palumbo (lead singer for Glassjaw and Head Automatica), James Powderly (American artist), Mark Reale (American guitarist for the band Riot), Beth Rickey (political activist), Jerry Sadowitz (Scottish comedian), Jim Sheppard (bassist for metal band Nevermore), George Steele (American professional wrestler), Ken Stott (Scottish actor), Mieczysław Weinberg (Polish Jewish composer), and Yoni Wolf (Musician).

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