Gay Drugs 2015: Tylenol is For All Families – Pharmaceutical Adverts

Gay Drugs 2015 – Tylenol For All Families. Poor Franklin Graham and his homophobic ilk. What will he do now that pain and headache drug has come out in support for marriage equality? Will he grin and bear his headache?

Unlikely because blusterous people like him almost always come out to be Class A wimps. Will he find another drug company that shares his values of demonizing gay people? Sure he can always do that.

But, with the way the wind is blowing, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever find any pharmaceutical company that is sympathetic to his unChristian beliefs.

Anyhoo, here’s a Tylenol advertisement featuring straight as well as gay families which is sure to rile up Franklin Graham, conservative evangelicals pretending to be Christians, and Republicans who watch nothing but Fox News. Watch:

We wonder what the Family Resource Council will say about this?

Anyhoo, here’s Manoj Raghunandanan, senior marketing director of Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare (the company which markets Tylenol), on their family-inclusive advert:

For 60 years we’ve been serving all families, and we want to continue to serve them for the next 60. And the reality that we know today is that families look and feel different than they did before, and we want to celebrate that fact. Because we’re a family brand, because we’re an iconic American brand, and we want to continue to serve families into the future, I think it’s important that we reflect what that family is today.

Apparently, the advert was directed by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black. Here’s what he says about his involvement:

The way to get people to understand diversity is to introduce them to real families. To hear that a family brand like Tylenol was going to help dispel the fears around difference, I said: “this is not just a beautiful project, it’s an important project.”

At the end of the day, no matter the gender of the parents, the color of the family’s skin, the religion that they come from, the background that they come from – all of these families have the same concerns.

They want what’s best for their kids, they want to care for each other and create a home that’s safe and happy. All these homes are built on love.

Your turn Franklin Graham, Family Research Council, the Duggar Family, and conservatives! Watchu gonna do now?

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