Blood Concept Perfume: Stupid or Brilliant?

Now, can you get more “organic” than that? What seems to be a modern-day fatal fascination with vampires and blood has just spilled over from the realm of fantasy lit for teens — ”Interview with a Vampire,” the “Twilight series” — and TV fare (“True Blood”) to fashion and…scent.

Yes, scent, or to be more precise: perfumes.

Apparently, it’s not just vampires who enjoy the smell of blood, but perfume aficionados — or at least, that’s what the cocky perfumers who created these new blood-inspired perfumes reckon.

This is why they’ve come up with the somewhat creepy but quite avant garde concept of making perfumes based on blood types and with base notes of “vague metallic suspicions” — or the actual smell of real blood.

Traditionally, perfumes have been made from bark like cinnamon, flowers and blossoms like narcissus and jasmine, fruits like citrus and apple, resins like pine and frankincense, wood like cedar and sandalwood, and animal sources like ambergris, musk and honeycomb. But never blood.

Ok, the Italian perfumers didn’t actually use blood. But they did develop four unisex perfumes based on the four main human blood types: A, B, O and AB.

And in mid-January, the pair of Italian entrepreneurs, Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli, debuted their perfume called Blood Concept.

“Blood Concept is just a celebration of human life through an interpretation of its evolutionary process,” Zuddas told AOL News. “To be more accurate, it’s an interpretation of the evolution of our most important element, the blood in our veins.”

According to the Italian duo, each scent is evocative of the blood type it represents.

Described as “aromatic, reassuring and clean,” A is the green garden scent that contains tomato leaves, basil and star anise.

Containing red apple, black cherry, artemisia, pepper, pomegranate, black tea, patchouli and teak wood, B is the woody, spicy scent.

Said to be “visceral and intense, from the depths of earth,” O is the most animalistic and primitive. It contains thyme, raspberry, cyperus esculentus, rose hip, leather, birch and cedar wood.

The most synthetic and chemical of the scents, AB is a mineral composition of aldehydes with notes of aluminium, slate, pebble and water. It is described as “individualist and visionary.”

In keeping with the “bloody” theme, the four scents come in 1.35-ounce silver vials with medicinal-looking, red droppers. The website includes background images of swirling blood.

“And in case you’re thinking this won’t catch on,” the Daily Mail says, “Lady Gaga seems to have taken inspiration from the brand, too.”

Speaking about her signature perfume that’s about to be released, Lady Gaga claims a sample of her blood was taken and the scent of it injected into her perfume “so it would smell and feel like me,” a recent Mail article reports.

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