Oprah’s Yo-Yo Weight, BMI Misclassification, & Fat-Muscle Ratio

Did relying on BMI measurements cause Oprah to fall victim to yo-yo dieting? Perhaps — if we’re to follow the findings of a new study published April 3 in the journal PLoS One. Best known for her blockbuster talk show, African-American billionaire Oprah Winfrey has been called “arguably the world’s most powerful woman” by CNN and Time.com.

For a time the world’s only black billionaire, she’s also definitely one of the most influential persons of the 20th century. Her story of triumph against overwhelming odds — born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother, raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood, raped at age nine, getting pregnant at 14 and having her son die in infancy, but going on into wealth and fame — will continue to inspire thousands of people across the world.

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Healthiest Way to Loss Weight: Switch From Soda to Water?

Switch from soda to water and lose weight. When you’re overweight, you’ve often fallen into a habit of eating fatty and sugary foods that are bad for you and only help you put on pounds. Often, you really need to overhaul your diet, but that prospect can be daunting.

For starters, why not swap a couple of your sodas or sugary drinks for water?

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HCG Weight-Loss Drugs: Unsafe & Illegal Says FDA

FDA: HCG weight-loss products are illegal and may be unsafe. They are tremendously popular—a Google search pulls up over 27 million results. They claim to be all-natural, and promise consumers using it that they will lose one to two pounds a day, while feeling “healthy and energetic” all the while.

Its sellers claim that “very small amounts” of it can “disconnect the mobile fat of people’s body” and “burn and discharge the unwanted fat through the kidneys.”

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