Does Propecia Cause Impotence?

Does Propecia Cause Impotence? Our friends who use Propecia to treat male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) in men might be concerned with recent media reports suggesting that the drug can cause impotence.

Does it really do that? You bet it can. In fact, erectile dysfuntion & impotence are listed among the medication’s side effects. [See: Propecia Side Effects]

Moreover, a new research study has come out to suggest that these sexual-related side effects are not just temporary but can be persistent and long-lasting.

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Testosterone Therapy: Good or Bad? Scam or Effective Weight Loss Drug?

Is testosterone therapy a scam that is about to be perpetrated (or maybe its now being perpetrated) by pharmaceutical companies to further fatten their already thick bank accounts at the expense of men with health concerns? Or is it an effective cure for, to borrow the words of the Daily Mail, “the dismal ailments of midlife malehood”?

We ask because a recent German study suggests that men with low levels of testosterone who received testosterone injections purportedly increased the men’s lean muscles, made them lose weight and shrank their waistlines by four inches from an average of 42in (107cm) to 38½in (98cm), lowered their cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and improved their sex drives.

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Gardasil for Men (vs. Anal Cancer & Genital Warts): Side Effects & Safety

Gardasil for boys advised by US, Canada health authorities: Do you want to protect your son against genital warts? Or are you a sexually active male gay worried that you may get anal cancer?

If you are either, you might be glad to know that the use of Gardasil in males to protect against anal cancer, pre-cancerous lesions and genital warts was endorsed in January (2012) by Canada’s federally appointed panel of experts.

This follows the lead of its counterpart in the United States, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices that voted last fall to strongly recommend the use of HPV vaccines in boys and young men.

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