Can Addicts Be Cured? Try Memory Editing

Can Addicts Be Cured? Try Memory Editing. Addiction can be ‘cured’ by changing memories, study shows Can addictions be ‘cured’? Can addicts overcome their addiction and go on to live happy and healthy lives?

That’s a knotty question — and a mighty popular one, too: a Google search of the query, “can addicts be cured?” brings up a whopping 64 million sites.

As award-winning director, cinematographer and screenwriter Debra Granik says of addiction — the topic of her two films — “Anyone who personally, tangentially or culturally knows anything about addiction is aware that it resembles an EKG. Up and down, up and down. Very few people ever get clean on the first or second attempt. For many people, it’s something they have to try over and over again. You get knocked down and ask all the ethical questions like how many chances do you give a person? When is the last chance? How many chances do they get?”

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STDs Remain a Challenge for High School Kids

STD, pregnancy prevention and sex ed stalls in U.S. schools — CDC. April is the cruelest month, indeed. That is, in terms of sex education. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tagged April as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Awareness month in a bid to call attention to the impact of STDs and to promote STD testing across the country.

But on this month, a CDC study found that U.S. middle and high schools have not made significant advances in sex education in the last five years — despite the fact that teenagers and young adults are the very people who are particularly vulnerable to STDs.

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Global Warming, Ticks, and Lyme Disease

Global Warming, Ticks, and Lyme Disease. Is climate change causing an infestation of ticks? Yes, scientists say. So if you’re thinking of hunting, trekking, hiking, camping or going on some other outdoor activity this summer, take extra precautions. The United States Centers for Disease Control warns that the tick population is expected to pose a far greater threat of Lyme disease transmission this spring.

Researchers at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York also warn that people heading into the woods this spring in the Northeastern states will be at higher risk than usual of coming down with Lyme disease as insect populations are expected to swell after the warm, mild winter.

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