Celebrities With Huntingtons Disease

celebrities with huntingtons disease - woody guthrie

Celebrities With Huntingtons Disease. What is Huntington’s Disease? Named after American physician George Huntington, who was the first to describe the condition, Huntington’s disease is an inheritable neurological disorder which affects movement, cognition (perception, awareness, thinking, judgement), and behavior and which gets progressively worse over time.

Dark Chocolate Good or Bad Health Effects?

dark chocolate heathy or not

Dark Chocolate Good or Bad Health Effects? Is dark chocolate good or bad for your health? Health experts are still debating. Dark chocolate, which contains polyphenols, can be a part of a healthy diet according to a study which found that polyphenols found in cocoa solids may help control cholesterol levels among type II diabetics.

Does Your Beansprouts Have Salmonella?

Does Your Beansprouts Have Salmonella? Wash bean sprouts properly and cook them until piping hot if its packet has no “ready to cook” mark, health officials advised the public after 169 salmonella cases since August were traced to bean sprouts.

“’No one should be put off eating bean sprouts, provided they are properly cooked. The risk is in eating raw or under-cooked bean sprouts. The best advice is to follow the guidance on the packaging, but if there is any doubt or ambiguity about the instructions, cook the sprouts until they are piping hot,” North West Health Protection Agency Professor Qutub Syed was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

Celebrities With Tourette Syndrome

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Celebrities With Tourette Syndrome. Named after French doctor Georges Gilles de la Tourette, who was the first person to describe it and its symptoms, Tourette syndrome is a condition characterized by repetitive persistent involuntary movements and vocalizations. According to a the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), one of every 360 American children ages 6 through 17 years old have been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome.