Stem Cell Therapy Cost: How Much Do Patients Pay for Treatment?

Some of you dear readers often ask, “How much is a stem cell treatment in Europe/Germany/China/other countries?” We must admit that we don’t have the data here at Health Care Zone although every now and again we come across treatment costs on news reports.

For instance, we reported earlier that stem cell treatments in China could cost up to US$20,000. The figure is from a news report in May 2010 so the cost may have gone up (or maybe down, who knows really).

Meanwhile, a Daily Telegraph report on the troubles currently faced by the Xcell Stem Cell Clinic mentioned that the clinic’s stem cell treatment “typically cost between £10,000 and £20,000”. If you convert that to U.S. dollars, it would be US$15,728.99 US$ and US$ 31,462.55.

So these are the only info we got. But we plan to update this post once we come across more news reports that mention the cost of stem cell treatment in any part of the world.