Stem Cell Treatment for Burn Victims: Dr Jörg Gerlach’s Stem Cell Spray Gun

The National Geographic Channel has a report on how adult stem cells taken from a burn victim can be used to treat the victim himself/herself. The treatment method and the medical equipment used was developed by Dr. Jörg Gerlach of the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Says Dr. Gerlach of his invention: “It is like a paint sprayer but you need a more sophisticated, computer-controlled device. We isolate the stem cells from the healthy part of the skin which can be taken in a water solution and is then prepared for cell spraying. It takes one and a half hours to take the biopsy, to isolate the cells and to spray the cells.”

The stem cell spray gun is still in experimentation but a number of burn victims has reportedly been successfully treated with it. One of these patients is Matthew Uram, a state police officer from Pennsylvania, who sustained second degree burns during a bonfire. He was completely healed four days after undergoing the stem cell spray gun treatment. Says Matthew: ‘They did the procedure on a Friday and my follow up was a Monday and the burns unit said it was completely healed.’

What do you think of this new treatment procedure? Pretty amazing, no? And because it uses adult stem cells, we think its not going to be controversial.

NOTE: The video is a little graphic and maybe not for the faint of heart.


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