Celebrities With Endometriosis

Jillian Michaels, former trainer for The Biggest Loser. During an appearance on The Talk, Jillian had this to say about her endometriosis: “The truth is that since I was 16, I’ve had PCOS and endometriosis which is one of the reasons that I wrote master metabolism about hormones. I felt, and I’m not suggesting anyone should feel shame about it, personally for me it was something that I felt a little bit of shame about. And I was worried about judgment that people would think, “Oh, if you’re so healthy, you can’t have a baby. You’re — you know, there’s something wrong with you.”

Susan Sarandon, actress: “I was diagnosed with endometriosis actually in England when I was doing The Hunger. I had always had really…woohoo yeah!…I had difficult periods. I had been through, you know, the fainting, all the business when I was in college and finally when I was in England I started to just bleed for no reason.

“I went in and I had a procedure and they looked. This is right before I had my scene with Catherine Deneuve by the way. It was not good foreplay at all. So what they said was, “Okay, you have endometriosis”. I had no idea what that was. They did not explain it to me.

“They said, “You know, if you ever want a child, you will probably have to have surgery. What we will do for you now, and you will be perfectly fine, is we will just put you on a whole bunch of birth control pills. You will not get your period. We will give you painkillers when you finally go off them”. I do not know how I managed with that kind of half-assed diagnosis and to then had not used birth control for many, many years. Then a miracle happened and I found myself pregnant with my daughter, and then somehow managed to again be surprised two more times and have three children. I am definitely one of the lucky ones.

“You know what we have to do is make sure that when, as this woman said in her testimonial, we talk about it and we remove the taboo woman to woman, you know mother to daughter, and when someone is having symptoms, if you can woman to woman advise them that it could be something bigger than just your normal suffering that women are destined to have.

“We have to make sure that you listen to what your body is telling you. If you have that kind of pain it is not normal, it does not have to be. Find somebody who will listen to you and make sure that they listen to you all the way. When you have that feeling that something is wrong, or it might be something bigger than what they are telling you or medicating you for, press, press, press, because when caught early enough, you know it does not have to turn into something that is going to rob you of such a huge piece of your life. It really can make a big, big difference to your quality of life.” [via endofund.org]

According to a list compiled by the Endometriosis Research Center, celebrities with endometriosis include the following:

Alexandra Wentworth, actress/comedienne
Anna Friel, actress
Annabel Croft, tennis player
Anthea Turner, actress
Ayaya (Aya Matsuura), pop star
Bethenny Frankel,entrepreneur, writer and actress
Brenda Strong, actress (Desperate Housewives, etc.)
Chaz (formerly known as Chastity) Bono, son of Cher & Sonny
Countess Sophie Rhys-Jones,the Countess of Wessex
Cyndi Lauper, singer
Deirdre Hall, actress
Dolly Parton, singer
Emily Robison, singer, DixieChicks
Emma Bunton, singer, SpiceGirls [Baby Spice]
Frieda Hughes, poet
Gloria Herrara, actress/writer/producer
Hilary Mantel, author
Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady, US Senator and US Secretary of State
Jaime King, actress
Jayne Kennedy Overton, sports announcer
Jenny McCarthy, actress/author, TV host
Juel Casamayor, beauty queen/cheerleader
Julianne Hough, dancer
Karen Duffy, model and actress
Katrina Kaif, actress
Kirsten Storms, actress
Lena Dunman, actress, screenwriter, producer, director
Lizzie O’Leary, journalist
Louise Redknapp, model and actress
Marilyn Monroe, actress
Martie McGuire, singer, Dixie Chicks
Mary Jo Fernandez, women’s tennis champ.
Meg Cabot, author
Melissa Holliday, beauty queen, model, actress
Michelle Ang, actress
Millen Magese, supermodel
Myleene Class, classical musician, TV presenter, author, fashion designer
Nike Oshinowo, beauty queen, model, entrepreneur
Nikki Cascone, “Top Chef”
Pam Dawber, actress
Pamela Anderson, model and actress
Queen Noor of Jordan
Rosie Marcel, actress
Sharon Stone, actress
Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex
Stephanie March, actress
Susan Sarandon, actress
Tia Mowry, actress
Tinopona Katsande (TinTin), model, TV & radio personality
Tomoko Hagiwara, swimmer
Tori Amos, singer
Trista Sutter, reality star & author
Whoopie Goldberg, actress/TV host