Rebalance Weight Loss Scam? Is Rebalance Weight Loss a scam or is it a legitimate weight loss program? The top dog in the Davis County Attorney’s Office believes that Rebalance Weight Loss and its owner Dr. Michael Kunzler are pulling a scam. For this reason, said office has filed several felony cases against Kunzler.

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Are water pills good or bad? Water pills or diuretics are both good AND bad! They are good if you use them in the manner they are intended to be used. Water pills are bad if you use them to lose weight because they are never intended to be a diet pill you can pop to your mouth and magically transform you into a svelte Nicole Kidman.

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Does Waist Training Work? Did Kim Kardashian really loss seven pounds by waist training? If so, how did she do it? How does wearing a tight cincher make you lose weight? It’s highly doubtful that simply wearing an apparel that tightens your midsection would translate to weight loss. Weight loss does not work like that. There ain’t any easy or instant solution to getting thin. You gotta workout if you wanna shed the pounds.

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Belviq For Kids: Safe and Effective or Harmful and Ineffective? In 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Belviq (lorcaserin hydrochloride) as a drug to treat obesity. Is it safe and effective for children? Or should it not be used on kids because it could be harmful and dangerous for them?

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