Target stem cells to prevent leukemia’s return, Harvard scientists say

Usually, stem cells are seen as the “good guys,” and today, research into their regenerative properties is at an all time high. As the “building blocks” of the body that can go on to develop into blood, bone, brain and body organ tissues — they are seen as a potential renewable source of replacement tissues to treat many ailments for which there is no cure, or for which few treatments exist.

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Stem cell retinal implant therapy is safe, new study shows: After only four months, an embryonic stem cell treatment for eye disease has improved the sight of two women legally blind for many years — according to the women themselves and scientists behind the world’s first human trial for eye disease stem cell treatments.

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University of Central Florida team patents stem cells advance: The University of Central Florida recently achieved another breakthrough in stem cell research, when a research team from its Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences patented a method of creating human stem cells—a way that bypasses ethical controversies as well as medical concerns.

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