Rebalance Weight Loss Scam? Is Rebalance Weight Loss a scam or is it a legitimate weight loss program? The top dog in the Davis County Attorney’s Office believes that Rebalance Weight Loss and its owner Dr. Michael Kunzler are pulling a scam. For this reason, said office has filed several felony cases against Kunzler.

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Is HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy a scam? Well, if someone is telling you that it HBOT is going to cure cancer or Alzheimer’s disease or hepatitis, then you should beware of that person because s/he is most likely a 21st century version of the snake oil salesmen you’ve watched in Western movies. On the other hand, if you are being told that HBOT can treat your acute thermal burn injury or severe anemia or gas gangrene, then you are being told the truth.

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One man’s health condition is another man’s business opportunity. There may be nothing wrong with that in this age of privatized and commercialized health care. But when the “business opportunity” turns out to be a fraudulent scam to steal money from the sick or those worried about their health, government should step in and send the fraudsters and scammers to prison or to a special place in hell where they burn and freeze at the same time.

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