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Ice Cream Listeria Infection: Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention

So there you are savoring the creamy deliciousness of your bowl of ice cream. You take a little scoop and carefully lift it from the bowl to your mouth. Then another scoop. Then another. “Mmmmm. Yum, yum,” you say. “This is the best way to beat the summer heat.”

But days later, you develop a fever and a throbbing headache. So you ask your husband to drive you to the hospital. Good thing he did. The hospital folks discover that you are infected with a bacteria called Listeria monocytogenes. With their help, you eventually trace the damn bacteria to the delicious ice cream you’ve been eating.

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Health Supplements Review: GNC Herbal Plus, Target Up&Up, Walmart Spring Valley

Do the health supplements you buy really contain the ingredients they are advertised to contain? Maybe not! A health supplements review by the office of New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman has revealed that several supplements do not contain the plant species identified on the label. For this reason, the attorney general issued cease and desist letters to four stores selling these products — GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart.

According to the NY Attorney General, the products in question are as follows:

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Salmonella in Dole Vegetable Salad

New salmonella scare: Dole recalls bagged salad for salmonella risk. It’s been less than 48 hours since Americans were alarmed by a warning from health authorities that about 100 people from 20 states had been stricken with salmonella infections from eating a yellowfin tuna product.

As if that wasn’t enough, now the salmonella scare is spreading, as Dole Food Co. (DOLE) — the world’s largest producer of fresh fruits and vegetables — announced late Saturday (April 14) that its fresh vegetables division is recalling 756 cases of bagged salad for possible salmonella risk.

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