Labiaplasty Risks and Complications

Labiaplasty Risks and Complications. The numbers of women in the United Kingdom seeking “designer vaginas” through genital surgery continue to soar after reaching record levels—and doctors are blaming this on the Internet porn boom.

Experts carrying out an ongoing study at the King’s College in London expressed alarm over the soaring rates of labiaplasty—the surgery done to make labia, or the inner lips of the vagina, smaller or more symmetrical. They warn that the surgery carries many risks in an industry that is mostly unregulated.

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Pregnant, Fat, and Overweight: Health Risk to Your Kid?

Pregnant, Fat, and Overweight: Health Risk to Your Kid? Are you pregnant? Are you overweight? Today, most people know that being overweight before and during pregnancy can harm a woman’s health seriously.

But new research shows that being overweight when you’re pregnant can also have health consequences for your child, and these can last into his or her adulthood.

“While it’s pretty well-known that a healthy weight is crucial to a healthy and long life, new research is showing that if a woman is overweight while pregnant, her baby is more likely to be overweight,” said Alan R. Fleischman, M.D., medical director of March of Dimes.

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Pregnancy Risks for Older Women 45 and Above

Pregnancy Risks for Older Women 45 and Above. After age 45, women who get pregnant may face higher pregnancy risks and complications. Their newborn babies also face greater health risks compared to babies born of younger moms, a study at Tel Aviv University suggests.

The study, recently published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, found that women who get pregnant after age 45 are three times more likely to experience diabetes and high blood pressure than younger women. They also have higher rates of preterm births and placenta previa, the study concludes.

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