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Jeremy Kyle Testicular Cancer Survivor

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Jeremy Kyle Testicular Cancer Survivor. Let’s add Jeremy Kyle to our list of famous celebrities with testicular cancer who survived their affliction.

The excitable British television host who’s famous for shouting words like “You are ….. NOT the father of her baby” and “Get off your lazy backside and get a job” has been diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly before Christmas. Following the diagnosis, he immediately had surgery and chemotherapy and is now recuperating.

How did the 47-year-old father of four discover his testicular cancer? He noticed a lump and decided to have it checked. Says a friend who talked to the Daily Mail: Continue reading

Celebrities With Kidney Cancer

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Earlier we gave you a list of celebrities with kidney transplants as well as celebrities who had dialysis treatments because their kidneys failed to do the job of cleansing their system. Now, here’s a list of famous men and women who were found to have cancer in their kidney.

Dianne Kay, American actress. Most famous for playing the role of Nancy Bradford in the hit TV show, Eight is Enough, Dianne Kay was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2001. She talks about her diagnosis in a 2011 interview with More Magazine: Continue reading

Celebrity Dialysis: Famous People Who Had Dialysis Treatments

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Dialysis is a treatment for those with kidneys which lost most or all their function and, thus, are no longer able to do the job of cleansing the blood (thus maintaining balance between water and other substances) and are no longer capable of producing the hormones the body needs to stay healthy. [Related reading: Celebrities With Kidney Transplants.]

Here’s a list of famous people who have undergone dialysis treatments:

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