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Best Acne Treatment in the World: Oplon Electrocution?

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Best Acne Treatment in the World: Oplon Electrocution? Is this the best acne treatment in the world or what? Electrifying acne may sound like a crazy idea but maybe this Israeli company working on an anti-acne electric patch knows what it is doing to combat the bane of your teenage existence — the much dreaded acne. Read more about it below…

A patch that electrifies acne-causing bacteria and will remove acne spots within three days is currently being tested in trials by an Israel-based company, Oplon, which hopes to market the high-tech electric patch in two years.

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Acupuncture Effective Painkiller or is it Just a Placebo?

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Acupuncture Effective Painkiller or Just Placebo: German University Research. Can acupuncture really relieve pain? The result from a recent study by a research team from the University Hospital in Essen, Germany suggests that it does.

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