Botox For Hair: Is Intra-Cylane L’Oreal Good or Bad?

Botox For Hair: Is Intra-Cylane L’Oreal Good or Bad? Want another hair-care story? Well, did you read our story on whether Rogaine or Minoxidil is effective?

Anyhoo, here’s a new hair-care product from L’Oreal being marketed as a “botox for hair”. It’s supposed to smooth away your hair split-ends and repairs the damage you’ve done to your hair.

Does this Intra-Cylane work?

We haven’t tried it yet to give it a review but here’s a Daily Mail image on how it supposedly works.

botox for hair

Not unexpectedly, we have people using them (and wanting you to use them) singing praises to the product.

Says Kay Connelly, technical director for L’Oreal Professionnel: “Hair is not a living organ and we don’t feel pain when it is cut. But one end of it is deeply embedded in the skin of the scalp and, at one time, it has been alive.

“Our aim as hairdressers is to beautify hair to maintain its living sense, rather than allow it to continually dehydrate over time and fall off and crumble, like leaves off a tree. In the same way that skin ages and needs replenishing, so does hair.

“The cortex fractures from daily aggressions, such as brushing and blow drying, chemical treatments or excess sun, and when it becomes fractured it stops hair looking healthy, smooth and shiny.”

Connelly adds that Intra-Cylane allows the hair to repair itself: “This product is different because it allows hair to repair itself. The molecule finds the damaged fibres and is able to change its structure to create a network or mess which plugs holes in the hair and gives it its substance back. Those who’ve had the treatment notice a physical change in their hair, it literally bulks up and is thicker for longer.”

So have you tried this Intra-Cylane thing? Does it work? Worth the money? What are its side effects if any?

British singer/reality-judge Cheryl Cole is one of them celebrities endorsing this product. Maybe we should run after her if the product does not deliver as claimed? Hehe.

botox for hair cheryl cole

Botox For Hair: Is Intra-Cylane L’Oreal Good or Bad? Posted 21 August 2010. Last updated on 21 August 2010.