Reboxetine is Ineffective and Harmful?

Reboxetine is Ineffective and Harmful? Pfizer’s anti-depressant drug Reboxetine is ineffective and potentially harmful, a report published in the British Medical Journal claimed.

The report also accused the drug company of hiding some information regarding the drug’s clinical trial results.

The published report from German Institute for Quality Efficiency in Health Care states that Pfizer disclosed evidence on 1, 065 patients with overstated benefits and understated risks.

The report also revealed an alleged unpublished data on 3, 033 patients who showed opposite results.

In response to the accusations, Pfizer spokesperson Ray Kerins claims that Pfizer discloses results of clinical trials to regulatory authorities around the world. Regarding the alleged unpublished data, he revealed they will review the meta-analysis of the drug contained in the report before they could give further comment.

Reboxetine, also called as Edronax, has gained approval in European nations since 1997 but not in the United States. The drug was developed by Pharmacia, now part of Pfizer, as an anti-depressant.