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Rebalance Weight Loss Scam or Legit: Dr. Michael Kunzler Criminal Case

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Rebalance Weight Loss Scam? Is Rebalance Weight Loss a scam or is it a legitimate weight loss program? The top dog in the Davis County Attorney’s Office believes that Rebalance Weight Loss and its owner Dr. Michael Kunzler are pulling a scam. For this reason, said office has filed several felony cases against Kunzler.

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How Fast Can Lung Cancer Spread or Grow?

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How fast can lung cancer spread or grow? There is no one definite answer to this question. Lung cancer behaves in different ways — the aggressive ones will grow immediately while others do not spread at all — so it is hard and foolish to put a timeline for lung cancer growth.

Still, it is important to note that lung cancer, compared to other kinds of cancer, tends to grow faster and spread earlier. This is specially true for small cell lung cancer which, to borrow the words of cancer.org, “tends to grow and spread quickly, and it has almost always spread to distant parts of the body before it is found”.

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