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Celebrities With Huntingtons Disease

Celebrities With Huntingtons Disease. What is Huntington’s Disease? Named after American physician George Huntington, who was the first to describe the condition, Huntington’s disease is an inheritable neurological disorder which affects movement, cognition (perception, awareness, thinking, judgement), and behavior and which gets progressively worse over time.

Symptoms of the disease most often manifests between the ages 35 to 55 years old. Nonetheless, features of the disease can also show from as early as infancy to the late stages of a person’s life.

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BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit: How Accurate is BioSURE?

Would you like to test whether you have the human immuno virus (HIV) but are too embarrassed to go to a testing clinic?

There’s good news for you if you live in the U.K. because British health authorities have given the go signal for the marketing of BioSURE, the first-ever HIV self-testing kit.

With BioSURE, you can do the test yourself in the privacy of your own home. This sure sounds ideal but is this test reliable? Can it really detect whether a person has HIV?

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Is Kinoki Foot Detox a Scam? Or Does it Work?

Is Kinoki Foot Detox a Scam? Is Kinoki foot detox an effin’ scam or does it work as claimed in its adverts? We here at Health Care Zone are all for alternative medicines and other health options but these alternative options must be proven to work.

Sadly, we can’t say that Kinoki detox footpads works as claimed, i.e., that they have the ability to drain toxins away from the body.

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