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Nanopeptide Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment: Effective or Scam?

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Ever heard of nanopeptide mesotherapy? Is it really effective in helping you grow some hair and thus preventing baldness? Is it as good as promised/advertised or is it a scam designed to make you open your wallet? We’re told its an expensive procedure too. The treatment reportedly costs US$550/£350 per session. Hair regrowth requires a minimum of seven sessions and, after six months, you have go back for a session every month. If that price isn’t what our Aunt Edna calls “prohibitive” we don’t know what is. [Note: In the quote below, it is stated that you go back for a session every six months not every month.]

Anyhoo, a celebrity who swears by the effectiveness of nanopeptide mesotherapy is British journalist and broadcaster Andrew Pierce. Here’s what he wrote about his treatment experience in an article for The Daily Mail: Continue reading