Testosterone Therapy: Good or Bad? Scam or Effective Weight Loss Drug?

Is testosterone therapy a scam that is about to be perpetrated (or maybe its now being perpetrated) by pharmaceutical companies to further fatten their already thick bank accounts at the expense of men with health concerns? Or is it an effective cure for, to borrow the words of the Daily Mail, “the dismal ailments of midlife malehood”?

We ask because a recent German study suggests that men with low levels of testosterone who received testosterone injections purportedly increased the men’s lean muscles, made them lose weight and shrank their waistlines by four inches from an average of 42in (107cm) to 38½in (98cm), lowered their cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and improved their sex drives.

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Celebrities With Kidney Cancer

Earlier we gave you a list of celebrities with kidney transplants as well as celebrities who had dialysis treatments because their kidneys failed to do the job of cleansing their system. Now, here’s a list of famous men and women who were found to have cancer in their kidney.

Dianne Kay, American actress. Most famous for playing the role of Nancy Bradford in the hit TV show, Eight is Enough, Dianne Kay was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2001. She talks about her diagnosis in a 2011 interview with More Magazine: Continue reading “Celebrities With Kidney Cancer”

Famous Men With Breast Cancer – Male Celebrity Health

Can men be afflicted with breast cancer? Yes, they can. The incidence of breast cancer in men is very rare — in fact less than one percent of all breast cancers occur in men — but the disease is, to use the words of our friend Aleena, “not for women only”.

Men of all ages can be affected with breast cancer but, according to the National Cancer Institute, older men – those aged 60 years old and up – are more at risk. Other risk factors identified with the disease are: radiation exposure, exposure to female hormones (estrogen), and genetic factors.

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