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Is Drinking Hand Sanitizer Safe or Dangerous? Side Effects & Health Risks

California health authorities worried over teens getting drunk on hand sanitizer

Care for a shot of hand sanitizer? Apparently, a growing number of American teenagers do — and the odd but deadly new habit has already landed a number of them in hospital emergency rooms in Los Angeles this month.

The new trend has alarmed local public health officials so much that they held a press conference on April 24 at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

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Nanotech in Food and Cosmetics: FDA Safety Guidelines

“In 1959, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist challenged his colleagues to use submicroscopic particles to manufacture a wide range of products,” the United States Food and Drug Administration writes in a consumer update on nanotechnology uploaded on its website on April 20.

The idea “captivated the imagination of scientists and inspired the science fiction movies ‘Fantastic Voyage’ and ‘Innerspace,’” the federal regulator continues. “Fifty years later, ‘nano’ (small) technology has moved from the science fiction realm to scientific fact, and federal regulators are laying the groundwork for monitoring a new generation of medical devices, drugs, cosmetics and other products,” the agency says.

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Cardiomyopathy in Children: Symptoms, Treatment, & Mortality

Kidnapped 5-year old American heart patient, Porter Stone, found safe — and how his case highlights cardiomyopathy in children

Five year-old Porter Stone, a heart patient who was next on a transplant waiting list when he was kidnapped by his estranged father from a St. Louis, Missouri hospital, has been found safe just outside Chicago, police announced early on April 25.

He was found in the wee hours of the morning in Alsip, a southwest suburb in Missouri, and then brought to the emergency room of Advocate Christ Medical Center in nearby Oak Lawn for an evaluation. The hospital staff said he is doing fine.

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