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Sex After Menopause: Does DHEA Make it Better?

Sex After Menopause: Does DHEA Make it Better? Hot flashes. Night sweats. A clammy feeling. Irritability. Mood swings. Trouble sleeping at night. Irregular periods. Dry vagina. Crashing fatigue. Anxiety. Difficulty concentrating. Disorientation. Incontinence. Aching muscles. Headaches. Flatulence. Dizziness. Hair loss. Changes in body odor. Bleeding gums. Tinnitus.

Those are only some of at least 35 symptoms suffered by women going through menopause—and the list can sound like a litany of woes or a torturer’s catalogue of triumphs.

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Chocolate Addiction Treatment: Exercise, Baby!

Exercise curbs choco addiction: Almost a third of all Americans and a huge proportion of people in developed countries now struggle to break the grip of an obesity epidemic—and a new study linking exercise to decreased chocolate addiction can be of critical help.

Office workers, in particular, who are forced by heavy workloads, long hours and shifting schedules to sit at their desk all day and engage in stress eating, have higher odds of becoming obese.

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Is Atrial Fibrillation Dangerous? Symptoms, Prevention, & Barry Manilow’s Heart

Barry Manilow has written many songs about young lovers, star-crossed or not, with butterflies in their stomachs and hearts a-flutter. When they first meet, they swoon, and their hearts skip a beat. Listening to these songs and remembering your own loves, so does yours.

But when the famous pop music singer-songwriter’s own heart skipped a beat in 1996, it wasn’t a laughing matter.

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